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Sape manifesto

Time is the most valuable resource. Quality of business results, as well as quality of life, depends on how effectively we manage it.

The Sape team breaks down the stereotypes that promotion and monetization on the Internet require enormous time and beyond qualification.

Based on our knowledge and experience, by questioning imposed rules and not relying on templates, we create expert-level platforms. These solutions bring together hundreds of thousands of professionals, following the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation and saving the main resource  — time. We make our products convenient and efficient for everyone.

Sergey Pankov

Our mission is to make online promotion and monetization simple and accessible to all. Behind a simplistic facade, there’s an intricate core. We delegate as many tasks as possible to technology and artificial intelligence.

We believe that the true vocation of marketers is to analyze, develop and implement outstanding strategies to achieve excellent results. Resource owners should develop their wonderful projects, not to find and solve countless tasks to monetize them.

And as long as Sape products provide you with results in a restless advertising
market, you will be able to focus on the goals, not the ways to achieve them.

Sergey PankovCEO of Sape

Sape Ecosystem

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We create and develop products in key digital directions

We know that the secret of a successful product is user friendliness with smart functionality under the hood.

Our mission is to create products that save time, provide results and do not require detailed control.

Our main priorities are

  • Scaling the achievements in the linkbuilding market, including international
  • To become the lead player on the Russian market of advertising
  • Launching perspective directions in the field of automation of Internet advertising and promotion

International expansion

According to conservative estimates, the Links.Sape ecosystem holds more than 65% of the market share in Russia and the CIS countries. At the same time, our products are not limited to Russian-speaking customers.

We have launched the international expansion project Links.Sape, which is in demand outside the CIS due to the large market size and high interest in link building in countries with developed SEO. Today, foreign platforms make up over 15% of all available placements, and their percentage allocated to international markets (Europe, USA and Asia) is steadily increasing every month.

Our plans include

  • Expansion into new foreign markets, increasing the share of international users up to 50%
  • A complete interface and system’s logic overhaul according to current international trends
  • Shifting the development focus towards SEO analytics, launching additional paid modules
  • Introducing other products from the Sape ecosystem
    to the international market

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